Getting Snippy

June, 2007Scissors, clippers, and razors—oh my! The newest hair-shaping tools will keep your creations a cut above the rest.

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You can chip it, snip it, slice it and buzz it. But you can’t cut artfully without the best tools. The array of hair shapers is both dazzling and mind-boggling. What to choose? What to use? According to our cutting pros, that all depends on your cutting personality and how far you dare to go with your skills.

Perhaps Nick Arrojo, owner of the Arrojo Studio in New York and Wella special creative artist, says it best. “Advancing your skills by using different tools is a natural extension of your growth as a hairstylist. But tools can never define how skilled you are as an artist. Tools simply help you to express your knowledge and creativity.”

No one can argue with that piece of advice, but dang, the steely arsenal that winks at every stylist passing by is more than daunting; it’s downright heart-stopping. A stellar tool to most stylists is like a new Ferrari to a racing buff. How many do you have? One? Two? A whole drawer full? If you’re hankering to spread your cutting wings—or simply lusting for your next big purchase—read on. Have we got the tools for you!

—Jeryl E. Spear

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