Meet Beauty Launchpad 25 Under 50K Winner for 2022: Josh Woodman

Josh Woodman is one of Beauty Launchpad's 25 Under 50K winners for 2022. Learn more about him in this Q&A.
Josh Woodman is one of Beauty Launchpad's 25 Under 50K winners for 2022. Learn more about him in this Q&A.
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Over the course of the month, we will be spotlighting the winners of Beauty Launchpad’s 25 Under 50K for 2022.

Here, you will get to know Josh Woodman. Woodman is a session stylist and artistic director at Eden Fairfield in Fairfield Park, United Kingdom. In his Q&A, you will learn his favorite hair trends, a fun fact about him, his proudest accomplishment and more. 

Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is a fun fact about you?

Josh Woodman (JW): I will only have cheese on a pizza and nothing else.

BLP: What is your proudest accomplishment? 

JW: Ooh, I would say probably styling hair for the members of Bastille for a Rolling Stone magazine cover.

BLP: What is your current favorite hairstyle trend? 

JW: I’m currently loving that Pamela Anderson sexy big blowout.

BLP: What is a hair tip you have for your fellow stylists? 

JW: Make sure you always have references and mood boards on hand, so you are always ready to change things up and make it excitingwhether it be on a shoot and you have time for that one extra look, or maybe it’s for a client who has had the same hair for years and wants to revamp themselves.

BLP: What inspires you? 

JW: How anything is possible with hair, and how much fun you can have with that. Kim K is a perfect example of how you can always reinvent yourself.

BLP: What do you love about your work?

JW: The ability to really change the way someone feels about themselves. I still see clients, some of whom have been through chemotherapy. So, being able to give them options on how to feel their best self is the best feeling.

BLP: What motivates you about the industry you are in? 

JW: How exciting it is to see new talent come through in the industrybeing able to teach them to grow into the hairdresser they have always dreamed of being is such a reward!

BLP: What is a professional goal you have for yourself?

JW: I would love to head up my own show for Fashion Week! Or one day, do a Vogue cover, but that’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it? 

BLP: Who is a role model you have in the industry? 

JW: James EarnshawI love that he ticks all the boxes, from creating must-have color to heading up shows at Fashion Week! Also, Luke Pluckrosehis work is so disciplined and flawless. 

BLP: What is your favorite career-/work-related memory from this year?

JW: I think this year has been incredible. I’ve been super fortunate to work alongside James [Earnshaw], and we’ve worked on some incredible shows around the world, but the one that blew my mind was doing a hair show for Wella in Athens under the Acropolis with 3000 people in attendance. It really was a pinch-me moment.

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