14 Hair Educators You Need to See at Our Beauty Go Pro Show

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As the professional beauty industry regains its footing after more than a year of uncertainty, NAILPRO and Beauty Launchpad have partnered to launch a four-day virtual event, Beauty Go Pro Show, to bring the best salon techniques, business advice, beauty trends, product information and networking to your fingertips.

The event, which will take place Oct. 24–27, 2021, caters to beauty professionals fresh out of cosmetology school, those with decades of experience and everyone in between.

Check out the dynamic artists who will be presenting for Beauty Launchpad on October 24th!

Balayage Essentials: Efficient Placement and Patterns | J Ladner 

This course will build your confidence in the art of balayage placement and patterns, helping to give you clarity and confidence in navigating any balayage guest.

Joy-Driven Branding | Elizabeth Faye 

Learn how to create a brand that is in full alignment with your purpose and will be a magnet for your soul mate clients. 

Properly Prepped-Structured Modern Upstyling | Casey Powell 

Powell details how to create long-lasting foundations, along with demonstrating how to craft ridges, waves and braids with minimal frizz and major touch ability.

Raise Your Prices, Not Your Anxiety | Dawn Bradley 

How to confidently communicate your price increase while eliminating the fear of pushback from clients; what most stylists are missing when setting up their prices; as well as what's really behind your emotional discounts, and how to combat it once and for all.

Rock Your Reds | Lupe Voss 

Voss helps you enhance your reds by covering formulation and theory, and advises on how to choose the correct tone for clients. 

Where Does All My Money Go? 3 Ways to Increase Profit and Sales | Nina Tulio 

Do you ever wonder where your money goes? In this power hour, you will learn how budgeting and understanding your target percentages each month will increase your profit. Plus, Tulio will share a few of her favorite tips on increasing sales (hint: It’s not attracting new clients). By the end of this session, you will realize the importance of implementing small changes to your business that will make a huge impact.

Color and Dimension for Textured Hair | Keya Neal

Learn to create multidimensional compositions to achieve full-bodied explosions of luminous curls! Explore techniques and placement that will make all the difference in achieving high-res visibility, contrast and balance while preserving curl integrity.  

Clipper Techniques: Create a Seamless Blend | Sofie Pok

Barbering guru Pok reviews three techniques that can help you refine your cuts for a better finish and blend.

Make Money Beyond the Chair with Affiliate Marketing | Michelle Pritchard

Affiliate marketing for hairstylists: how to digitize your business, create multiple streams of income and increase your revenue.

The New Long Haircutting Collections | Michael Shaun Corby

Your clients don’t have to choose between long, medium or short lengths with these step-by-step creations. Corby integrates his experience with the runways and Hollywood red carpets to show you innovative cutting techniques that give you entirely new, personalized and easy-to-understand options for all of your clients. Feel free to grab a mannequin head and your shears!

The Perfect Blowout | Mecca Jones

Learn how to dry and style textured hair with ease. Jones will be showing the do’s and don’ts of blow-drying textured hair to achieve shine and smoothness.

Mechanical Shears: What, When & How to Get the Best Results | Lici Febo

Know how to approach men's haircutting, from analyzing the head shape and bone structure to mastering techniques and detailing. 

IG-Worthy Curls | Josh Boynton

Boynton creates his signature curls for showcasing dimensional colors.

Forever Curls Styling for All Textures | Leysa Carrillo

This class is curated specifically for the curl enthusiast looking to expand their knowledge and empower their careers! Join Carrillo in this one-hour virtual class as she shares her signature curly styling techniques created to meet the unique characteristics of each curl. 

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