Inspiration: From Thought to Reality by Ruth Roche

“Inspiration is crucial to creativity, but making a thought a reality is the tough part… and then making it good enough to photograph is even more challenging. It’s an adventure every time,” says Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care. It’s definitely an adventure, but one well worth the journey. Why not take more thoughts to reality in 2016? Roche shares how some of her crazy thoughts made it to print:

Part II coming soon!

Thought: Hair that looked illustrated or plastic.
“This collection is called Plastique because the hair was supposed to look really fake like it was drawn or made out of plastic. I tried a bunch of different methods, and in the end used plastic wrap on top of a wig piece and colored it with a Sharpie. I entered it into NAHA Avant Garde - I needed 3 images that went well together, but were also strong enough to stand on their own,” says Roche.


Thought: Supermodels in an alien world.
“I wanted to experiment with the thought of hair growing out of the crown of the head instead of around the face and how it would impact shape and direction. There had to be color and the brows and lashes were also unconventional. I entered NAHA Master Stylist of the Year with this collection, but didn’t place. One of the judges said it might have been because there wasn’t enough hair, but maybe it was just too weird. You have to admit, it is pretty weird,” says Roche.


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