Get the Look: The 80's Make a Comeback at Unite Global Session 2014

The 1980's made a major comeback at Unite Global Session 2014, held in San Diego, CA this past October. Unite Senior Artistic Director USA, Renee Africa, described the inspiration behind the overall look, saying, "The inspiration for this look is a real mash-up of 80's-inspired fashion, modern color-blending and a mullet-like, but feminine, soft haircut. This time period will always influence hairdressing and fashion in some way. For me, it was when I was brought up in hairdressing and will always leave a mark on my brain."

  Get the Look:
1. To achieve this look, spray UNITE 7 Seconds Leave-In Condition to use as a cutting lotion.

2. Section the hair into a basic Mohawk type section (recession to side of nape on both sides).

3. Apply UNITE Expanda Volumizer to the top front of the head, and then UNITE Blow & Set to the rest of the section.

4. Continue to blow-dry the hair in preparation [for the] style with UNITE Conundrum Paste to push the hair into the desired finished shape.

The Cut:
1. Says Africa, "From the apex of the head to the nape, I worked a round layer pattern also short into long.

2. "The side panels were cut short to long from the parietal ridge to the existing length along the side of the head, using slightly diagonal back sections.

3. "The basic mohawk section was cut using the apex of the head as a starting point- working from the apex to the front hairline, short to long, using a round layer technique to create a bit more softness and removing bulk. The end result [is] that the entire crown area is the shortest, the front hairline and nape [are] left longer, and the sides [are] the shortest with softness around the edges, giving a soft, mullet feel to the look."

[Images courtesy of Pickle PR]

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