6 Warm Weather Skin Care Tips

Spring means warmer weather which, in turn, means more time spent enjoying the outdoors. But warmer weather doesn’t mean it's time to neglect your skin. In fact, more time in the sun gives you more reasons to protect your skin. Sun damage is the number one contributor to the appearance of aging, including sun spots and wrinkles. Learn the best, most effective ways to protect your skin this spring with these 6 tips from Bellus Academy’s esthetics experts.
1. Sunscreen - You've heard it time and time again, but applying sunscreen every day is truly one of the most important tips to remember when spending long periods of time out in the sun. When choosing this crucial skin care product, make sure to choose one that is at least SPF 15 (SPF 30 for lighter skin), is water and sweat resistant, and protects against UVA rays (the rays that penetrate below the skin) and UVB rays (the rays that cause sun burns and reddening). Sun screen should be reapplied every two hours for maximum protection. Also, remember to throw away last year’s bottle; sunscreen has a short shelf life and old sunscreen won’t protect skin from harsh rays.

2. Lip balm - Don’t forget that your lips are skin too! Make sure to apply lip balm like you would sunscreen, which is every two hours to keep lips from sunburn and cracking. Also, lip gloss won’t cut it; gloss attracts the UV rays instead of repelling them.

3. Exfoliate - You probably know that it's important to exfoliate in the winter, but did you know that it's just as important to exfoliate during the spring and summer? Exfoliating helps remove previous sun damage and keeps skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. Who doesn't want that glowing look?

4. Water Spritz - Since the sun is harsh on skin, spritzing water on your face helps to moisturize and calm skin from the heat, not to mention it keeps you feeling cool and refreshed even in the hottest of weather.

5. Makeup Switch-Up - In hot weather, foundation tends to be too thick and heavy for skin to handle. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer that is easily absorbed by the skin. The tinted moisturizer helps keep skin soft and serves the same function foundation would at neutralizing skin tone and acts as a base for makeup.

6. Bronzer/Sunless Tanner - Instead of lying out all day to achieve that perfect tan, which can lead to aging and even skin cancer, a bronzer or sunless tanner can help you achieve that same look. These products are infinitely safer to get that sun-kissed look than sitting out for hours under the sun.

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