Hairstylist Inspired Jewelry


ff your passion by accessorizing with fun and unique jewelry! We searched for some eye-catching and clever hairstylist inspired pieces. Whether you are looking for a special gift or can't resist doing a little shopping for yourself, here are three designers you must check out! [pagebreak]


is jewelry designer incorporates skulls into the designs. The company's philosophy reminds us that skulls have been symbols of death and mortality since before prehistoric times. Lor G states, "For us at Lor G Jewellery skulls are just a reminder that deep down under WE ARE ALL THE SAME no matter race, religion or creed!"

r>Make a statement with Lor G's Oxidized Sterling Silver Barber Skull Ring!



The Bohemian Gypsy

e from The Bohemian Gypsy has a background as a hairstylist which inspired her to make jewelry with salon-influenced themes.

Check out some of her pretty stylist-focused designs!



href="http://">The Bohemian Gypsy! 

Chrys Designs Jewelry

igns Jewelry offers a "One Inch Ruler" necklace in silver and gold. This necklace is perfect for adding a light and humorous touch to a stylist's wardrobe! 

href="">Chrys Designs Jewelry! 

or a gift for someone in the industry? Don't forget to browse the Creative Age store for more beauty inspired jewelry designs.

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