Fashion Week Update: Backstage with Rodney Cutler at Nicholas K.

“These girls were playing in the woods for three days—not two—three days,” laughs Rodney Cutler, lead stylist at Nicholas K’s Fall 2011 show. Such fun plays chic havoc on hair, and Cutler decides that the end effect should be “stringy hair.” He achieves this texture by saturating the length of the hair in the back with Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray and then blow-drying using fingers. “We want a little height at the crown, so I first prepped hair with Cutler Volumizing Spray, and we backcombed a little,” he explains. To impart sheen and a bit of stick on the crown only, he rubs Cutler Fly Away  Control Stick onto his hands and runs his palms over the hair lightly. “And then I have our brand new Cutler Specialist Shine Tattoo spray, which has sun protection and is great for flat-ironing. It gives great shine, and I am just misting it on the crown, too,” he says.

He notes that just before the girls hit the runway, his crew will be spraying even more Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray onto locks so they appear extra stringy and wet. “Tricky how you have to go through all of these steps, but otherwise, you don’t get the varying textures!” he exclaims. —Karie L. Frost

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