Summer Tips & Trends from Celeb Stylist/Zenagen Spokesperson Melissa Schleicher



out this seasons must-have products and styles for both men and women, focusing on solutions for thin and fine hair.  Schleicher has been a fan of and now a spokesperson for Zenagen—a natural solution for hair loss and thinning hair—and she wants fine-/thin-haired girls to know to best treat and wear their hair.

“With summer heat and humidity in full effect, wearing your hair up in braids, buns, and headbands are going to be major summer styles!  Even if you have fine or thinning hair, you can still create the perfect braided up-do and bun," says Schleicher. "Popular braids this summer will be fishtail, French, and headband braids.  The trick to sporting a thick, full braid even if you have thin or fine hair, is to go back and loosen pieces of the braid. By doing this, it will give the appearance of a thicker, fuller braid.

“Wearing colorful headbands is another fun summer look.  Wear it the traditional way or experiment with news looks such as the 'Bohemian.'  To achieve the Bohemian look, simply wrap a headband around the crown of your head and tuck your hair into it—no pins needed.  If you aren’t feeling a braid, cascading beach waves will be also be a hot trend this summer.”

or fine hair, wearing a bun is still achievable and easy to create. 

“I wear my hair in what I refer to as the “Dirty Bun” all the time,” adds Schleicher. “First tease the hair at the roots, wrap hair into a high ponytail, spread hair out, and pin it in and under.  By teasing your hair, you create volume, which will allow for a stronger, thicker hold.  It is super cute and super easy!”

Men who have thinning hair will also be rocking new, fun looks.  The “quiff" look, which is a short cut around the sides and back of the head with a longer cut on top, creates a fun, messy, and edgy, bed head look.  A more refined, formal look will be a shorter cut on the top, sides, and in the back.

Both men and women with thinning or fine hair can experience summer's latest trends.

“I don’t have the thickest hair, but can pull off these looks with no issues. My hair has no breakage, is strong, and healthy.  I strongly suggest using Zenagen products to help curb thin and fine hair issues, or if you want to grow longer, thicker hair," recommends Schleicher.  "I have never been one to act as a spokesperson for any product line, but Zenagen Revolve and Evolve are great products that deliver real results; I cannot keep them in stock in my salon."

For more information on Zenagen Revolve and Evolve, please visit Zenagen’s website at

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