Speaking in Code

Patrick McIvor, owner of patrick mcivor color studio and artistic director for Matrix, specializes in social media and new experiential educational formats, and he is teaching the industry how to communicate with progressive media to build business. QR Code Barcodes are a key aspect of going digital, and McIvor is spreading the word.

“This is the year for salons to go digital, an easy way to do it is by affixing QR Codes Barcodes to retail products, advertisements, promo cards, basically any materials that are associated with business…because it gives customers instant access to information on their terms, even when they are mobile.  Many people don’t even get landlines anymore, they use their smart phones for everything, including connecting with beauty services,” explains McIvor.

Check it out – when this QR Code Barcode is scanned with a smartphone, the user is transported to Patrick McIvor’s Facebook page, instantaneously.y of Glow Communications]

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