3 - The Agency

nd don’t feel dejected if the agency passes on your work; instead, take the agent’s feedback—which he or she is more than willing to dole out—on how to improve your book, and apply it.

“I have met people who our agency hasn’t taken on initially, but a year later, I represent them because of the way they approached me, how they went off, followed my suggestions, and then came back with new work,” asserts Maxine Tall, an agent at Warren Tricomi Artist Management. “Over time they impressed me with their professionalism, skill and drive to be ready for representation.”

Agrees Timothy Priano, founder of Artists by Timothy Priano, “Don’t give up; even if we don’t take you on now, we’re happy to meet with you and give you our expert advice.”

(Photo: Makeup by Troy Surratt at Artists by Timothy Priano)

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