See the Winners of the TONI&GUY 19th Annual Photographic Awards

Gina Ma Vanessa Marie Villarreal

TONI&GUY winners

TONI&GUY held its 19th Annual Photographic Awards as part of its 2014 Summit, held in September near Dallas, Texas. The high-energy awards program kicked off with a performance by the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers, and continued with impressive photographic presentations from the nominees, along with a handful of live models showcasing finalists’ work. Read below for a complete list of winners, and click through to see some of the award-winning looks.

Editorial: Aaron Watkins
Avant Garde: Cole Moore
Colour: Jacob Rodriguez
Cut: Gina Ma
Men’s: Aaron Watkins
Total Look: Gina Ma, Vanessa Marie Villarreal
Makeup: Sharayah Quinn
Academy Team: Costa Mesa Academy
Salon Team: La Cantera
Art Team: Dallas Art Team

Hairdresser of the Year: Lindsay Baker
Colourist of the Year: Jared Smith

BTC Winners
Colour: Yvonne Mascolo
Cut: Jeremiah Johnson
Student Colour: Laura Siders
Student Cut: Ashley Alderman

Student Winners
Colour: Laura Siders
Makeup: Megan Lemmons
Cut: Ashley Alderman
Fantasy: Trent Debth
Men’s: Adrienne Meadows
Total Look: Sheila Bandasack
Academy Team: Keller Academy

Click through to see some of the winning looks!

Ashley Alderman, Student Cut winner

TONI&GUY winners - 2

Cole Moore, Avant Garde winner

TONI&GUY winners - 3

Costa Mesa Academy, Best Academy Team winner

TONI&GUY winners - 4 

Dallas, Best Art Team winner

TONI&GUY winners - 5

Gina Ma and Vanessa Marie Villarreal, Total Look winner

TONI&GUY winners - 6

Jeremiah Johnson, BTC Cut winner

TONI&GUY winners - 7

La Cantera, Best Salon Team winner

TONI&GUY winners - 8 

Laura Siders, Student Colour winner

TONI&GUY winners - 9 

Lindsay Baker, Hairdresser of the Year winner

TONI&GUY winners - 10

Sharayah Lee, Makeup winner

TONI&GUY winners - 11 

Yvonne Mascolo, BTC Colour winner

TONI&GUY winners - 12

[Images courtesy of TONI&GUY]


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