5 Ways to Level Up Salon Team Meetings

Eufora Business Trainer and Salon Owner Jill Higginbotham shares advice on how to level up salon team meetings.
Eufora Business Trainer and Salon Owner Jill Higginbotham shares advice on how to level up salon team meetings.

Implementing standing meetings may seem like an unpleasant challenge to salon owners; however, it is something worth overcoming.

Salon experts agree that implementing daily meetings can result in up to 20% more success for both stylists and owners. When salon owner Jill Higginbotham implemented daily meetings at her own J Michael Salon, she admitted there was hesitation.

“We had to dig in, persevere and follow through, and now our stylists’ numbers are growing because of it," Higginbotham shares. 

The question that most often arises from hesitant salon owners is “How do I get started implementing daily meetings, when my team is not accustomed to them?” Higginbotham shares her own success plan here.

Start with your team.

When it comes to daily meetings, monthly meetings or team retreats, give all team members a chance to provide input when it comes to choosing the time and flow of meetings. Consider giving meetings a proactive name that indicates the goals you all have in mind. At J Michael, meetings are called DSM’s (Daily Success Meetings). This helps remind everyone to contribute relevant topics at each meeting and keeps the group on task.

Make it interactive. 

Include team members in presentations and problem solving. Take time for gratitude. Consider games with prizes. Appetizers and cocktails can be a fun addition to a main monthly meeting. If it is a daily meeting, select one member to present their favorite product or new idea. Be creative! Consider organizing an annual retreat, and let everyone participate in planning team building activities.

Time is valuable. Do not waste it. 

One thing is certain, all team members value their time off. When making changes or asking for an increased time commitment, make sure the subject and topics are well planned out to meet team needs. Set time limits for meetings, and stay on track. Morning meetings are 15 minutes at J Michael. Monthly meetings are one and a half hours.

Be flexible. 

Some team members may have days where they come in late and stay late, so do not expect or require them to come in early only to leave and return later in the day. Instead, consider using technology. Get everyone on Facebook, so anyone not scheduled first thing in the morning can still participate. Set expectations when it comes to the minimum number of monthly meetings required each year. Understand things can happen, and sometimes it is physically impossible for all stylists to be present.

Draw the line. 

This one can be scary. Remember: It is your business, so if you want to instill your salon culture into your team, just do it. If it means that someone quits, that is okay. They may not have been a good fit for the team anyway. As salon culture evolves, other team members may find it is not a fit for them anymore, and that is okay too. There are always other people out there who will want and embrace it!

Each day will bring unique challenges, so be prepared to adjust all along the way. The most important thing to remember is to make meetings a long-term commitment, and do not give up or give in. Getting the entire team on the same page has proven to be a profitability game changer!

For more resources on improving profitability, salon owners should join in the monthly Eufora Salon Owner Network meetings or visit eufora.pro to explore online business tips and tools.

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