Andis Company Launches Fluid Vol. 3

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Courtesy of Andis

Andis Company has debuted its Fluid Vol. 3 collection helmed by the brand's international artistic team lead Kevin Luchmun.

Luchmun is an award-winning London-based barber, stylist and photographer. He is known for his blend of traditional barbering and high-end men's hairdressing. 

The educational step-by-step Fluid Vol. 3 video collection consists of five hairstyles, ranging from a low tapered afro to a modern bowl mullet, and provides detailed steps that guide barbers and stylists through each look using Andis cutting tools. 

"Fluid Vol. 3 is a collection of five unique haircuts working with all types of textures and various lengths. It draws inspiration from around the world through my travel and doing various shows and seminars," says Luchmun. 

Barbers and stylists can purchase on-demand access to each Fluid Vol. 3 video. 

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