7 Strategies to Boost Your Well-being

Elizabeth Faye shares positive tools that will assist you as a stylist, salon owner, educator and leader.
Elizabeth Faye shares positive tools that will assist you as a stylist, salon owner, educator and leader.

Elizabeth Faye (@heyelizabethfaye) shares positive tools that will assist you as a stylist, salon owner, educator and leader.

Your nervous system is impacted by your environment, relationships, food and overall input. Things like social media, conversations and music you listen to all affect your well-being. Today I want to share seven things that will help boost your well-being, which will in turn have a positive impact on your business. Stylists are constantly in other people’s energy, and that can take a toll. I want to share positive tools that will assist you as a stylist, salon owner, educator and leader.

1. Protect yourself.

Taking a minute to protect yourself before getting high-jacked. You can get highjacked by social media and other distractions. So first thing, keep your morning a sacred moment of preparing for the day and caring for you. This can be simple. Taking time to savoring some tea, eating a healthy breakfast, listening to uplifting music on the way to work, enjoying getting ready and a simple 30 second breather before stepping out of the car and into work.

2. Be intentional. 

Intention is one of the most powerful tools you have. It’s the invisible power that creates our reality. It directs and creates our lives. It’s the difference between “life is happening to me” or “life is happening for me.” Simply stated, how do you want your day to feel? Be intentional about it.

3. Enjoy the now. 

We so often are always focused on the next to do list items or client coming in. Really practice the art of savoring and presence. Watch what happens to your client relationships and fulfillment at work. Practicing being where you are. If that is eating lunch in between clients, slow down and enjoy each bite. If it’s mentoring an assistant, be present and share. If it’s doing hair, really enjoy your art. If it’s charging a client, enjoy receiving.

4. Holding space. 

This is a spiritual term that is also used in the coaching and therapy world. It’s a practice of not having to fix everything or fill the space constantly. As stylists, it can be draining to constantly be on. Holding space is your permission slip to emotionally and energetically step back. You can still love on clients and create art, but you don’t have to constantly be fixing, filling or forcing conversation or experience. You can allow space in your appointments for silence or just listening more than you talk. It will preserve your energy and help your clients feel taken care of.

5. Practice receiving. 

This one is great for money mindset and teaches your nervous system it’s safe to receive. Every time your client compliments you or pays you, I want you to really receive it. I even use the phrase, “I receive that, thank you!” Start getting excited and comfortable with abundance coming your way!

6. Clear your energetic field. 

At the end of the day and even between clients, clear your energy. It’s important, so you don’t take home what doesn’t belong to you and share it with your family or other clients. This can lead to feeling exhausted or burned out. In between clients while you wipe your chair down, take a few big deep breaths and intentionally clear and release any energy from the last client. Another great way is to wash your hands and use the same intention. I also love to use clearing sprays in my work space for this as well.

7. Disconnect, and go home. 

At the end of the day, think about your transition from work to home. I have a few nervous system regulation tools that are life changing! Sing in the car to positive, high frequency music. When you sing, hum or chant, you stimulate the vagus nerve, which calms the body down naturally. This is why singing in the shower feels so good. It literally helps you de-stress! It’s medicine. Another amazing somatic tool is shaking. You can flap your hands or shake your shoulders and arms. This helps move stagnant energy and calm your nervous system. You see animals do this if they are really stressed. This is the body’s natural way to discharge stress. This is why a quick dance or shake party changes your mood. Make your commute home a way to clear and release, so you can go home and enjoy the beautiful life you have created.

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