How To Fight Aging Hair

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Acting Out Against Aging Hair

When it comes to aging hair, knowing how to properly address and educate clients about their concerns can help alleviate nerves. Here, educators from two pro brands discuss the causes of aging hair and ways to help stave off the process.

Gretchen Friese, Certified BosleyMD Trichologist

Hair turning gray and thinning are top concerns for both men and women—this process happens because the hair follicle produces less melanin as people age. The lack of melanin causes hair to turn gray, as melanin is what is responsible for creating the color in hair.

Age-related hair loss is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The DHT attacks the hair follicle and makes it smaller and smaller until it closes completely, preventing hair from growing back.

There are different signs that hair aging is occurring in women and men. In women, DHT hair loss is present when thinning happens at the temples and sometimes the top center of the forehead. In men, DHT-related hair issues cause loss at the skull cap (top back/crown of the head).

The best way to try and fight DHT hair loss is by using products that contain DHT inhibitors. Supplements and topical products can help fight DHT production, as well as block DHT from attacking the follicle.

Dr. Tess Marshall, ND and Director of Product Development and Marketing at Nutrafol

As women and men age their concerns are similar, although women are often more vocal. Specifically as it relates to hair, women complain of their hair becoming thinner in both the strand itself and the fullness of hair on the scalp. Dryness, breakage and graying are also top of mind along with thinning of lashes and brows.

Aging is a normal part of life where cells in our body are not able to repair and rebuild themselves at the same rate they once did, which leads to more damage. While this happens throughout the entire body (think about the breakdown of joints causing aches and pains), it is most noticeable in hair and skin first. The thickness of our strands begins to decrease in our mid-30s, while fullness declines in our 40s. Strands become shorter and weaker as the hair growth cycle decreases, meaning there is less time for our body to build and produce strong hair. Other changes in our skin cause textural and color changes to hair since the surrounding scalp environment can no longer protect, hydrate and replenish nutrients needed for pigmented hair growth.

There are many signs that you can look out for to tell if aging is occurring. Strands on the top of the hair will typically thin, which could lead to seeing more of the scalp. There may also be increased dryness and other texture changes. Lashes will become shorter, thinner and lighter. Skin can display fine lines and wrinkles; become dry, dull and hyperpigmented; as well as show loss of tightness.

While the natural aging process cannot be avoided, there are natural solutions that support the body through this process. Supplements are one option—they can address hair thinning that results from age by supporting whole body health with medical-grade ingredients.

Dawn of a New Age

These products contain formulas that fend off signs of aging in hair and lashes.

DHT Blocking Supplements from BosleyMD help boost hair growth by blocking DHT. The supplements contain seven natural DHT-inhibiting ingredients, such as green tea, kelp and nettle leaf, to drive nutrients in the bloodstream that combat DHT buildup in follicles.

Nutrafol Women contains a wealth of nature-based ingredients that help address key triggers of poor hair health, including stress, DHT and compromised nutrition. With four pills taken once a day, the supplements will foster hair growth. 

RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive eyelash conditioner is a physician-developed formula that enhances the health and beauty of lashes using scientifically advanced, encapsulated time-release technology that’s designed to be gentle on sensitive eyes. Powerful peptides and botanicals protect against breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility, moisture and shine for lush lashes. 

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