What Is Your Best Hair Tip?

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@thehaircutters_wakefield: When blowing out straight hair, always make sure it’s completely dry to prevent moisture from making it frizzy.

@seanjameshair: Don’t do clients that red flag you in the consultation–simply say no.

@taylored_look: Leave. It. Alone. Don’t over-color, don’t use heat too often, don’t pile on products, don’t use too much purple shampoo, and so on. [...] Do the colors and styles you enjoy, but don’t overdo things.

@jane.society: If you have a lot of hair that takes a long time to curl, put it up in a ponytail and curl the pieces of your ponytail, then take it down. Touch up front pieces and top layer as needed.

@villettahairartistry: Leaving depth behind the moneypiece will make it “pop” more. With balayage, paint the hair section behind the moneypiece lower, or make sure you leave a veil directly behind the moneypiece if you’re foiling.

@hanas_salon_inspo: Educate your clients on realistic expectations. We are trained and educated to make responsible decisions for our guests. Stay strong to your knowledge. Never be required to sway to meet a client’s expectation!

@stephagram.__: Start with a lower developer when foiling and slowly bump it up so it finishes processing at the same time.

@jeweldoeshair: Thin slices for the best lift. Make sure you are fully saturating your sections. When doing shadow roots, I like to apply color horizontally in the back and vertically on the sides. Applying it vertically on the sides prevents any harsh lines of demarcation.

@chairsideconfessions: Remember, this is a service-based industry. Focus all your energy on providing the client in your chair with the best service, and everything else will take care of itself.

@mayhemilyhair: Get a water filter.

@jenpassionstyle: Let it process and don’t rush!

@elajecambridge: Don’t be afraid to be honest!

*Posts edited for length and clarity.

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