Shear-Cut Shags: When to Use a Shear Versus a Razor

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Becka Bradshaw, a Sam Villa ambassador, shares four tips on when and why to choose a shear versus a razor.

“Shear-cut shags can look very similar, if not the same, as razor shags. Ultimately, it’s about mastery of the technique and understanding the hair type…I often use three to four shears in a single haircut to achieve the desired results,” explains Bradshaw.

Hair Cutting Tips:

  • High-Lift Haircolor – Shear: Use a Sam Villa Artist Series Shear and/or blending shear on high-lift hair color. It often has a compromised cuticle layer, so cutting with a shear allows the cuticle to remain intact, which strengthens hair strands by trimming away frayed and/or split ends.
  • Humid Environments/Seasons – Shear: In addition to anti-humidity products, shears make hair more invincible to humidity by keeping the cuticle intact. They cut a stronger blunter line, whereas razors bevel, removing some of the cuticle layer, which leaves hair more susceptible to humidity. When there’s a high concern for frizz, go for the shear.

Artist Series ShearsArtist Series Shears

  • Fine Hair – Razor: Use a Sam Villa Razor or other razor on fine hair or hair with an extremely compact cuticle. Fine hair can often benefit from the additional movement and texture the beveled edges of a razor create.
  • Natural Texture – Razor: Use a razor on natural texture to release and celebrate its character. Carving techniques with a guarded straight razor can often uncover waves and curls, as well as etch texture directly into tresses.

Razor, Straight BladeRazor, Straight Blade


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