WAHL Professional UK Educator Frank Rimer Creates a 1920s Classic Cut

Mens Classic Cut

Frank Rimer, owner of London’s Thy Barber barbershop and educator for WAHL Professional UK, shares the how-to for our classic cover look.

Mens Classic Cut

Rimer, who is known for his meticulous classic cuts, created this 1920s look inspired by The Great Gatsby in honor of WAHL Professional’s 100th anniversary. 

Man Summer Cover

Step 1: Create a horseshoe parting. Remember: The wider your parting, the fuller your final look will be.

Step 2: Begin at the nape with a closed blade, working up and out to remove bulk. Work from short to long up to a #2, adjusting the Taper level as you go.

Step 3: At the sideburn, cut the hair in the direction you want it to flow.

Step 4: Taper the sidburn with a #1 attachment comb with a closed blade.

Step 5: Cut the top to the desired length using traveling sections.

Step 6: Blow-dry following the direction you want the hair to fall.

Step 7: Finely detail the outline.

Step 8: Apply product, and then comb through for desired look.

Frank Rimer Barber


[Images: Courtesy of WAHL Professional]


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