Blonde Hair Trends as Told By Industry Experts

Industry experts share their insight on what they believe will be the new trends for blonde hair for spring and how you can create those looks for your clients.
Industry experts share their insight on what they believe will be the new trends for blonde hair for spring and how you can create those looks for your clients.

They always say blondes have more fun. This spring, our eyes are on the latest blonde hair trends.

Here, industry experts share their insight on what they believe will be the new trends for blonde hair for spring and how you can create those looks for your clients.

J Ladner (@itsmrjladner), Oligo Pro Chief Brand Ambassador

Golden Beige will lead the way for spring blondes. It’s elegant, reflective and embraces a more natural tone on tone. Balayage and blended hair color will lead as well and with the golden beige. It delivers a more natural and sun-kissed glow that never goes out of style. It looks expensive while also being more low maintenance – a win/win strategy.

Choose a seamless color melt with multi-tones. For the perfect melt, I choose Oligo Professionnel -36/GV series from Calura Permanent. Start with a level 6-36/6GV at the new growth and melt to the ends with 8-36/8GV.

Guy Tang (@guy_tang), Creator of #Mydentity

What I foresee and doing right now more than ever is “less is more.” It’s more about having blonde where it counts. Having subtle money piece highlights that low contrast with soft dimension through the hair will give low maintenance blonde that enhance the overall look without being a full commitment. Using LiftMeUp highlight I created in Mydentity is the perfect option for highlighting in one step, as it offers soft dimension effortlessly. The shade I use the most is Bright Blonde, which is gold to enhance anyone who wants warmth to their hair while looking natural. LiftMeUp is a lift and tone system I created to get these looks in half the half, and it’s so much fun to apply on our client’s hair.

The reason why this low maintenance look is trending is an evolution. During the last three years, we revisited the 90s with chunky highlights, and it was so much fun because it brings back nostalgia at a time that we needed it most and made it feel safe at the most uncertain time in our lives historically. Now, we are looking and wanting low maintenance color that enhances our looks without changing our identity. It’s not about changing who we are but enhancing who we are. What I do love is seeing warmth come back into play. People want to feel warmth and glow in their hair. One of my favorite shades of demi-color glosses I created is called “Naked Glow.” It’s the perfect nude golden beige tone for blonde highlights. It glosses over the hair to add shine while enhancing the natural warm glow overall.

For anyone that wants to recreate these looks for their clients, definitely watch my tutorials on my YouTube Channel. You can learn step-by-step, inside out on how to use the formulation while utilizing the technique to get these looks fast and easy. I share all the fun easy methods on how to create the looks you see that’s covered in full detail with all your questions answered. For any client who wants to feel enhanced without maintenance, a color gloss topcoat for the hair is recommended to get that reflective shine. You can give this treatment using the new Reflect Demi-Permanent Color Gloss I launched with 15 shades that’s customizable for all of your clients.

Schwarzkopf Professional Team

Educators and team members from Schwarzkopf Professional share their predictions for what the upcoming trends will be for blonde hair.

Raquel V. Torres, Social Media Community Manager (@_raquelvivi_): Reverse airtouch to add soft dimension to show light blondes.

Janae Anderson: Detox treatments.

Becca Ortiz, Educator (@balaybecca): Butter blondes, less aggressive face frames, more highlighted looks vs ribbons and less contrast.

Alwyn DiGregorio, Senior Educator (@alwyndigshair): Definitely more Barbie blondes – warm, golden and bright all over.

Samantha Stahl, Artistic Team Member (@hairbysamstahl): Still lived in but less aggressive around the part line. Dimension, dimension, dimension!

Sasha Proce, Lead ASK Educator (@sasha1103): Warmer and brighter blondes are big trends for me in ‘23. I’m leaning less towards shadow roots/lived in blondes and more towards brighter traditional foiling work with soft base breaking, 1/2 - 1 shade brighter on the base breaking to give a lighter pop without being solid at the base. Warmer blondes were trending more last year, and I see even more warm “graham cracker” honey tones, rosey caramel tones and golden vanilla cake batter tones sprinkled through-out.

Berenise Garcia, Educator (@berenisethestylist): More golden all-over blondes, honey and caramels also. I get asked for the “’90s” blondes, like Pamela Anderson or Alicia Silverstone.

Blonde Products

Blonde hair can be difficult to care for and maintain. If you’re struggling to know what products to use to make sure your color looks healthy and sleek no matter the season, we have you covered. Here are our recommendations for products to care for blonde locks.

Blacklight SMART is Oligo Professionnel’s line of high-performance bond building with over 90% naturally derived ingredients. Blacklight SMART is a regimen designed to strengthen, protect, detoxify and repair hair before, during and after chemical treatments while also offering added benefits to the scalp. This line of products offers formulas that are specially created for both professional use and home care. @oligopro

Miracle Repair Blonde Enhancer from Malibu C contains an innovative formula that provides the protein and pigment needed to strengthen and enhance blonde hair while keeping it cool and beautiful. Specially formulated to repair and strengthen blonde hair while enhancing its cool natural tone, the product is designed to be used as a standalone home treatment or in combination with the Malibu C Blondes Clarifying Remedy packet for even more dramatic results. @malibucpro

@Guy_Tang Reflect is the newest liquid demi-permanent color gloss from #Mydentity. Available in 15 shades, the product improves softness and increases time with just a 15 minute processing time. @guytang_mydentity

Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME All Blondes Light Care Range with mulberry silk protein complex helps give fine to medium hair shine and suppleness, making it easier to comb. Known for its moisture binding properties that help condition the hair fibers without weighing the hair down, the range provides static control to minimize flyaways. The range includes a shampoo, spray conditioner and mask. @schwarzkopfpro

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