3 Must-Try Summer Haircolor Trends

Mocha Brown trend
Mocha Brown trend
Courtesy of @livcasanovahair

Check out what experts at IGK have to say about three trending haircolors that clients will covet this summer: 

Olivia Cassanova, IGK color partner and IGK Soho Salon colorist

Color Trend – Mocha Brown

A big hair trend for this summer (also one that has followed us in from last year) is the “Mocha Brown” hair color. I haven’t stopped getting requests for this color, and I even have it myself. I love it because it can be so versatile. It looks good on every skin tone and every type of hair texture and cut. It’s usually a solid color, which also means that it tends to be pretty low maintenance. It’s also fairly easy to upkeep at home if you chose to do so. 

Color Trend – Bronde

It’s an ideal in-between for a blonde or a brunette and it’s super versatile without the heavy maintenance of a full blonde look. This look is dimensional with some highlights/balayage. It requires a little bit more maintenance than the “Mocha Brown,” but not as much as being a bright blonde [...] It’s the perfect way for brunettes to dabble with the idea of going lighter without committing to anything they can’t handle. 

 Bronde trend, hair by @longtime_hairBronde trend, hair by @longtime_hairCourtesy of @anniju__

Justin Mckay, IGK color partner and colorist

Color Trend – Copper and Strawberry Blonde

I think the copper and strawberry blonde trend is here to stay. We have not had a red moment in a while. Recent color trends have been focused on very bright, icy blondes. It makes sense that we would see trends moving in the opposite direction, embracing the warmth with copper, red and strawberry blonde shades. That, along with the massively popular show, Euphoria, and seeing three of its stars rocking reddish looks.

Copper trend on Sydney SweeneyCopper trend on Sydney SweeneyCourtesy of @sydney_sweeney

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