7 Spring Hair Color Trend Predictions

Experts from IGK and R+Co share their take on spring hair color trends for the new season, so you know what to have on your radar.
Experts from IGK and R+Co share their take on spring hair color trends for the new season, so you know what to have on your radar.
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Spring is here, which means saying hello to more color!

This season, the focus is on both warm and expensive shades. Clients are seeking out looks that appear elegant and sophisticated while also being capable of being lived in and easy to maintain. As the sun shines brighter, tones that mirror and radiate that same shine will also be preferred. 

But with so many options, how do you know which color trends should be on your radar? Here, IGK and R+Co experts are sharing their take on what colors will be trending for the new season and what products you can use to bring them to life. 

Old Money Blonde

It is the roaring '20s once again, so it's no surprise that a sophisticated and elegant blonde color is trending. Inspired by The Great Gatsby and Marilyn Monroe, old money blonde is understated and effortless while also embodying the expensive with high shine and volume. 

"For upkeep, two great golden shades in the IGK Permanent Color Kits are Almost Blonde and Olsens – these are a great way to achieve the same look at home. If you’re looking for something more temporary, try the IGK Color Depositing Mask in the shade Honey Please," advises IGK Hair Co-founder Chase Kusero. 

Espresso Martini Brunette 

A rich chocolate shade with lots of shine, espresso martini brunette is another color trend that embodies sophistication. This look features dimension, starting with a deeper brunette base and adding a mix of honey or bronde highlights. This is a great option for clients who have gone darker in the winter months and want to add a some lighter tones to their hair as spring and summer approach. 

"For brunettes, a beautiful chocolate shade in the IGK Permanent Color Kits is Hot Chestnut or Bold Brown. I would top it off with IGK Color Depositing Mask in shade Electric Bronze," shares Kusero. 

Red Tones 

Reds and coppers have finally been having their moment to shine, with color trends like Cherry Cola and Cowboy Copper becoming a favorite. 

The Cherry Cola shade has mahogany tones that sit between red and violet, tending to look like a deeper violet brunette indoors and more red shines through in natural sunlight. The color is inspired by '90s and grunge era aesthetics. 

Cowboy Copper features a base of deep earthy browns reminiscent of well-worn leather and is elevated with pops of intense coppery red, creating the perfect combination of rustic and radiant. 

"I would use R+COLOR in shades Clementine and Ruby Slippers to achieve this look," says Reneìe Valerie, Hair Colorist and Director of R+COLOR Education. 


Honeysuckle blonde blends cool and warm tones, creating a dimensional and evergreen look that will be a well-sought after choice for many. Their popularity is expected to only grow this year because of its ability to infuse shine for a radiant and glamorous appearance. 

"I would use R+COLOR in shade Honeysuckle to achieve this look," advises Valerie. 

Hitchcock Blonde 

Otherwise known as platinum blonde, Hitchcock blonde is an icy blonde that never goes out of style. It oozes elegance with its cool, understated shade that adds a touch of luxury to any look. 

"I would use R+COLOR in shade Hitchcock to achieve this look," Valerie shares. 

Warm Tones 

Warm tones are expected to be a highly popular trend this spring, creating a sunkissed look that radiates shine. 

"I love this because warm tones create beautiful shine in the hair by reflecting light. Honey with creamy, golden tones in our spring blondes have me excited for the hair change of the season. I want to emulate the warmth that hair gets from being out in the sun more often, like when we were kids – hair that just looks dripped with honey and sunshine," explains Marwa Bashir, Hairstylist and R+Co Collective Member.

For red and copper tones, Bashir recommends R+COLOR Penny Lane 7.4 + Honeysuckle 8.3 for a base that can be used alone or enhanced by adding 8.34 Treasure to create a brighter redhead with more pop. 

For brunettes, Bashir shares that R+COLOR Mojave 4.03 paired with Autumn 5.3 + Beehive 6.3 will give a subtle color gradation from dark to slightly lighter to mimic natural hair color.

Warm, Balanced Beige 

While beige may seem like a dull color, it's anything but when added to a blonde to create a bright and show-stopping color from root to tip. Another expensive shade that strikes the perfect balance between ivory, vanilla and sandy tones, beige-colored hair is perfect for clients searching for a glossy and glowing look. 

"Spring 2024 for me and my clients is coming in very hot with balanced beige, leaning a bit to the warm side. Think opal colors in rich base tones, with warm champagne tones moving through the highlights," shares Jay Olson, Global Artist and R+Co Collective Member.

Olson shares two examples of the beige shade he has created:

The first uses R+COLOR OMNIPRESENT Liqui-Crème Permanent Hair Color in 7.81 Dune with 6.0 Moon Stone, intermixed with STAR SIGN Demi-Permanent Crème Hair Color and 10 vol. The highlights are a melt of R+COLOR 9.80 Pearl Earring and a dash of R+COLOR 8.1 Poetry in the Stellar Line 5 vol. 

His next example features soft highlights with lunar dust on natural hair. "I would achieve this with glossing with R+COLOR STELLAR Demi-Permanent Liquid Hair Color in 10.63 Merengue and 9.03 Quicksand for a soft, elegant and versatile look," explains Olson.

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