How to Get the Look: Mystic Metallic Melt by Presley Poe


by Presley Poe

Pravana Collective’s Head Colorist, Presley Poe, is at it again! This time, she created an incredibly beautiful melt using ColorLush – Pravana’s collection of demi-glosses. This look incorporates two 2018 hair trends – silver tones and violet!


ROOTS: ColorLush 3V + 5V + ¼ Clear
MIDS: ColorLush 3V + 5V + ¾ Clear
ENDS: ColorLush 9V + Clear

Get the Look:

  1. Apply equal parts of PRAVANA ChromaSilk EXPRESS TONERS Pearl and Violet to create the foundation of a metallic base
  2. Section the hair into 4 quadrants
  3. Apply equal parts of ColorLush 3V+5V +1/4 Clear to roots
  4. Using your finger, melt the second formula, equal parts ColorLush 3V + 5V +3/4 Clear to mids
  5. Apply last formula, equal parts ColorLush 9V + Clear to ends
  6. Wash using PRAVANA Moisture Rich Shampoo + Conditioner
  7. Style as desired

Stylist: Presley Poe
Model: Jennifer Broders
Mua: Jenna Phalouka
Videographer: Huck Hinshaw
Wardobe: Caisa Airmet

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