Hair Color How To: Electric Blue by Holly DeCastri


Hairstylist Holly DeCastri recently helped her client achieve this fun, electric blue hair color. See the how-to for this stunning, vivid look, below!

Get the Look:

  1. Says Holly, "We started with a platinum card process where I used lightener from re-growth to ends and laid foils over each section using 10 volume. I lifted her to a level 10. I kept her re-growth natural - it was an ashy level 7.
  2. "Once we lifted, I shampooed and conditioned and dried the hair completely.
  3. "I then went in and at the roots and used 60 grams of Aveda's Intense Base, 30 grams of Aveda's Pure Pigment Blue, and 90 grams of 20 volume. I slightly feathered [the color] down a bit. On the mid-shafts, I used PRAVANA VIVID Blue and VIVID Green in equal parts, which I painted on. On the very ends I used PRAVANA VIVID NEON Blue. With each color added, I blended with my fingers so there would not be a line.
  4. "Let process for 25 minutes. So much fun!"


For more from Holly, follow her on Instagram @hollydecastri.

[Images courtesy of Holly DeCastri]

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