Eufora Joins with Childhelp

2021 Childhelp Eufora

Eufora has partnered with Childhelp for the month of April (Child Abuse Awareness Month).

Childhelp is an organization dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of abused and at-risk children.

Eufora is encouraging its Instagram followers to share their most vulnerable, proud, bold and confident moments on IG. In return, Eufora will donate $5.00 to Childhelp for each qualifying post during April, 2021. 

Instagram Post Requirements for Childhelp Donation:

  1. Post a photo of your most #BoldProudConfident moment to Instagram.
  2. Tag @euforainternational, @childhelp and use the hashtags #BoldProudConfident #eufora4childhelp.
  3. Tag three friends and challenge them to post a photo, too.

“Our main goal, of course, is to raise awareness and money for Childhelp. In addition, our hope is that a person is vulnerable with their post; not only sharing the image, but also explaining why this moment makes them feel their proudest and most confident. Through this sharing, we hope to build a stronger community and conversation,” says campaign lead Victoria Felix.

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