Salon Green Dreams Offers Sustainability

GLO recycling box in a salon
GLO recycling box in a salon

GLO is partnering with brands in the salon industry to sponsor three-month service subscriptions for struggling salons to mail in their used personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies through the Salon Green Dreams campaign. 

Every minute, the beauty industry in North America generates 877 pounds of waste.

The campaign’s goal is to provide mail-back services free of charge to green-minded salons that have had to introduce more one-time-use items (masks, chair covers, etc.) into their business due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

“It’s essential that stylists and clients are wearing PPE to stay safe during the pandemic, but a by-product of these necessary safety measures is a significant amount of extra waste coming out of salons. Without a specialty recycler, all of these items will go to a landfill by default,” says Jennifer Wolanik, marketing manager for GLO. “This past year has been incredibly difficult for salons, and we wanted to create a program that enabled salons to avoid having to choose between safety and sustainability.”

Free curbside recycling cannot accept most of the objects used in salons, including foils, bobby pins, hair clips, shampoos, conditioners, color bottles, and now, PPE. 

With the need to wear disposable PPE such as masks and gloves every day in salons, the amount of waste has only increased.

GLO’s specialty recycling services are able to divert 100 percent of salon waste from the landfill by giving items a second life or powering homes through waste-to-energy combustion.

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