What’s the Funniest Moment from Your Hairstyling Career?

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Every so often a situation happens at the salon that makes us laugh for years to come. Whether it’s shared between a client, coworker or boss, a good belly laugh is a great bonding experience. Our Instagram followers shared their funniest moments, and they’re downright hilarious.

@marynezo: One of my elderly clients fell asleep under the dryer, and her teeth fell out onto the floor. I had to compose myself, wake her and pick them up. She went back to sleep as if nothing happened.

@shannon_rose.guru: My client’s eyes were closed as I was washing her hair, and she told me something funny so I started cracking up. My gum flew out—I know I shouldn’t have had one in, but it was that or bad breath—and bounced off her forehead. She didn’t even feel it. I started laughing even harder, and she thought I was still laughing at her story. I ended up telling her, and she laughed too. Thank goodness she was a close client!

@aconebeautyco: I was shaking conditioner out of a liter, and it slipped and went THUNK onto my client’s forehead. She popped her eyes open and was like, “What was that!?” I instantly started crying.

@whitstodyefor: This lady was walking to the front desk to check out. She stops at another stylist’s station, grabs a can of spray and starts blasting her hair with it saying her stylist didn’t use enough hairspray. HORRIFIED, I had to tell her she was using clipper disinfectant.

@tabithahairstylist: At my old salon, we would have our clients change into a gown before their hair appointment. One of my coworkers told her client to change and he came out with another client’s shirt on.

@tracyoberlies: My coworker was doing a shampoo and his Tic Tac fell out of his mouth and landed in the corner of the client’s eye. Everyone laughed!

@thecoloredcactus: One time I was foiling a client for the first time, and a SPIDER crawled out of her hair. I didn’t know what to do—I just smacked her in the back of the head.

@liquidhairchair: I recently said to my client, “I’m going to cut you with your shirt off.” She said, “So I just take my shirt off then?” After realizing what I said, I clarified, “Oh no! I didn’t mean shirt, I meant cape.”

@shawnaleaaa: It was NOT funny at the time, but I was trimming a client’s very coarse ear hair and a piece of it landed on my mouth and stuck in my lip gloss. My soul left my body that day.

@valerie_kelly_hairdressin: I once tripped and fell, got my head stuck in the armrest of a chair.

@mohesco: I was a senior in high school shampooing at my father’s salon. One day the dean that suspended me months prior walked in. I gave her a full-on bath as soon as she sat at the shampoo bowl and blamed it on too much shampoo on my hands.

@hairbychiaraa_: I was wearing platforms while I was cutting a man’s hair, and my ankle twisted. To not fall, I hit him on the head with my clipper, grabbed the cape and choked him. I saved myself from falling but never saw him again. Still cracking up about it after all these years.

@nolahair: My friend bought clip-in bangs. We put them on, and I proceeded to shape them. When we took them off, I realized I had also cut her real hair and gave her REAL BANGS.

@alfredo_lewis: 1. Post your work and take a class on photo and video. 2. Use a booking app that can display your work and salon environment. 3. Give the best client experience once you get them in your chair. Consultation. Attention. Skill. Communication. 4. Word of mouth. Ask for reviews. Have your clients post and tag you. Have a referral program.

@alissathesauce: Think of your social media as your digital business card. It’s your portfolio for everyone to see so post your strengths and the work you want to do. Don’t forget Pinterest! My Pinterest is at three million views a month. When a client sits in your chair, many of their goal pics are from Pinterest.

@_oceanofcolors_: If you are able to, join “Mom Pages” on Facebook. The members are always looking for stylists, and once you start getting them in, they will recommend you.

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