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Ohio State Regulatory Update

Based on the passage of Sub. H.B. 404, and in response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, all barber, cosmetology, branch of cosmetology, independent contractor, boutique services, and all business licenses/permits issued by the Board have been extended and will not expire until July 1, 2021. If you have not yet renewed your license, you must do so before July 1, 2021. If you have renewed your license, no further action is required on your part, and your license will remain valid until the expiration date printed on your renewed license.

The Laws and Rules of the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board

All licensees of the Cosmetology and Barber Board should be familiar with the Laws and Rules of the Board as well as the Infection Control Standards to operate in a manner to protect themselves as well as their customers. A link is provided below to the Laws, Rules and Infection Control Standards are listed below.

Administrative Code – Rules

Revised Code – Laws

COSMETOLOGY – Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4713 (ORC)

BARBERING – Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4709 (ORC)

Infection Control Standards

Board Members

Thomas Taneff

Luke Hanks

Clara Osterhage

Tasha Sheipline

Rowena Yeager

NeCole Cumberlander

Kenji Prince

Jennifer Wolfe

Kim Thomas

Jessica Price-Kovach

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 614-466-3838


Cosmetic Therapy

On January 7, 2021, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 442 into law. The effective date of this Bill is April 12, 2021. This bill eliminates the license requirement for cosmetic therapist.

Consequently, as of April 12, 2021, cosmetic therapist will no longer be licensed in the State of Ohio. Individuals practicing cosmetic therapy in a licensed salon will be required to follow rules set forth by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board including all infection control standards. However, the Board will not issue a license for cosmetic therapy.

Contact the State Medical board for all questions regarding Laser Hair Removal.

Cosmetic Therapy FAQ’s

Q1. Now that the Cosmetic Therapists are no longer licensed by the Medical Board can we still practice?

A: The legislature in House Bill 442, allows individuals to practice cosmetic therapy in a salon if authorized by and according to rules made by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board. The definition of cosmetic therapy in the legislation does not include laser hair removal.

Q2. Can Cosmetic Therapists practice independently, or will we be required to practice only in a salon?

A: Individuals can practice independently OR may practice cosmetic therapy in a salon if authorized by and according to rules made by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board.

Q3. Will we now be licensed by the Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board?

A: No, as of April 12, 2021, Cosmetic Therapists will not be licensed by any board.

Q4. What happens to the Cosmetic Therapist’s licenses in the Medical Board’s licensing system on April 12, 2021? 

A: On April 12, 2021, The Medical Boards licensing system will not provide the ability for Cosmetic Therapists to apply for a license but will retain the history of the Cosmetic Therapists licenses. 

Q5. What if my Cosmetic Therapist license does not expire until after April 12, 2021, can I continue to practice using my license until it expires? 

A: The license will expire April 12, 2021. However, you may continue to practice. 

Q6. What happens if I am in school studying to become a Cosmetic Therapist? 

A: You can continue your studies, but the new law means that you will be practicing in an unlicensed occupation in Ohio at the end of your education. 

Q7. Will the schools who teach Cosmetic Therapy still be accredited? 

A: The Medical Board will no longer be involved in determining the standing of cosmetic therapy schools because the new law does not allow Medical Board regulation of the practice of cosmetic therapy. For further information, please contact the schools or the accrediting organizations.

Q8. Can we still perform laser hair removal? 

A: Cosmetic therapists can still perform laser hair removal under the delegation and supervision of a physician according to the requirements of current Ohio Administrative Code rule 4731-18-03 until April 12, 2021. On and after April 12, 2021, the ability of cosmetic therapists to perform laser hair removal depends on further legislative or rulemaking action. The Medical Board is looking into temporary measures to assure that the ability of cosmetic therapists to perform laser hair removal will not be interrupted while a permanent legislative and/or administrative rule fix is being pursued. 

Q9. Will the Medical Board still have any authority over laser hair removal performed by Cosmetic Therapists? 

A: The Medical Board has the authority to regulate to whom and with what requirements a physician can delegate laser hair removal. 

Q10. Can the Medical Board still take enforcement actions on those who practice laser hair removal improperly? 

A: The application of light-based medical devices for hair removal (i.e., laser hair removal) is the practice of medicine and surgery. If a cosmetic therapist does not comply with the requirements in Ohio Administrative Code rule 4731-18-03 that enable physician delegation of this portion of practice of medicine, that cosmetic therapist could be found to be committing the offense of the unlicensed practice of medicine.

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