5 Things That Keep Jenny Strebe Inspired

Courtesy of Jenny Strebe
Courtesy of Jenny Strebe


1 Manifestation

I find power in knowing that I can accomplish any task I set my mind to. I created AIIR Professional by manifesting my goals and dreams into existence. With daily affirmations, journaling and a genuine belief in my abilities, I feel inspired to keep pushing myself toward unknown limits.

2 Goal Setting

When I set concrete goals for myself, I’m more inspired and motivated to achieve them. I write down my three-month, six-month and one-year goals, and determine what it will take to hit these marks. Putting my goals onto paper helps to bring my intentions from dreams to reality.

3 Crystals

Even before AIIR, I always believed in the power and healing capabilities of crystals. When I need to find communication in meetings, tranquility through adversity or creative inspiration, I use the power of various crystals to help me find balance in these areas.

4 Rituals

A ritual inspires you to perform your daily tasks with gratitude and intention. When I take the time to turn my routine into a ritual, I find that I create more inspired work and live more freely. One of my daily rituals is spending time with my kids before they go to school.

5 Family

As a mom of two, my family inspires me to be the best possible version of myself. I strive to be a figure that both my daughter and my son look up to in their lives. Even through the chaos of running a business, I prioritize time with my family.

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