6 Ways Lisa Vann Stays Inspired

courtesy of Eufora International and Lisa Vann
courtesy of Eufora International and Lisa Vann

Looking for new ways to stay inspired? We caught up with Lisa Vann (@lisavanntexture) to learn what influences her in her day-to-day life.

1. Creative Expression

I’ve always been really focused on my creative projects. Some of my favorite things in the world are photo shoots and fashion shows. I enjoy avant-garde handmade hair pieces, and I’m inspired by high-fashion couture runway collections. I love having my hands in the overall creative direction of a shoot and working with a team of talented makeup artists, photographers and designers to turn ideas into reality.

2. Family

I’m very close with my family; they’re super supportive and involved in all my business and creative endeavors. My husband is always there to proofread, pick out songs for my shows, look over photo shoots and fix any sort of technical problems in the salon. I have three daughters who help me stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and give me advice on how to use social media correctly. I’m lucky to have a patient and involved family!

3. Art

Art is a must in this climate, and creative expression is particularly important to me. As a business owner I want to give as many people as possible a platform for their diverse artistry and expression. My salon is a creative studio where I showcase artists on our walls for guests to enjoy. Our salon also collaborates with the local Art Walk program—it’s our duty as a business to be involved in the community.

4. Self-care

I’m typically at my salon or traveling, but when I do have a bit of free time, I like to treat myself to a facial and massage.

5. Perfect Playlist

I’m pretty picky when it comes to music. If you ask my daughters, they would say I listen to the soundtrack of the movie Dreamgirls, and that’s it. In general, I enjoy most things Jennifer Hudson, and also listen to a lot of Beyoncé—anything empowering and with a positive message. I also like most ’80s music.

6. Favorite Aroma

I’m a huge fan of lavender. I like to put my aromas in a diffuser, both at the salon and at home—it helps me stay calm during a busy day. One of my favorite calming oil blends is Unwind from Eufora’s Wellness Collection.

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