Olivia Garden's Anne Maza Reflects on Coronavirus

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Anne Maza, co-owner of Olivia Garden, shares her heartfelt message with the hairdressing community. 


Dear Beloved Hairdressing Community,

In this unprecedented time of anxiety, stress and sadness while facing an unknown future, I want to let you know that I share your every feeling. At Olivia Garden headquarters in San Francisco, the local government shut down our facilities as of Monday, March 16—we were given just 3 hours notice.  

So please believe me when I say—you are not alone!  

Even with all the uncertainty, there is one thing of which I am sure. With patience, calm, thoughtfulness, and lots of care, we will get through this. Once we all emerge on the other side of this health crisis, as a community, we will be stronger, more resilient, more determined. We will be more caring about each other, more aware of how precious life is and profoundly grateful for all that we have.  

It is in our nature to focus on the future, but we must take time to enjoy today for what it is and rejoice in life’s simple pleasures. Speaking for myself, the importance of finding balance in my life has never been more critical and will be one of my many lessons from this crisis.

I know that there will be many up and down days ahead of us, but let’s make the best of our sudden “free time.” 

First and foremost, let’s focus on our health, our mind, our families and our friendships, even if done virtually. Receiving a phone call from a friend that is worried about you, your family and your business is priceless and must be treasured. Let’s also use this time to make plans for when we will be back behind the chair, at our desk or crisscrossing the country for work. Now is a time to think, research, analyze, evaluate, discuss, brainstorm and strategize, so when the world is back to normal, we are ready to go with renewed energy, focus and a good plan of action. No business is too small or too large to have an action plan. Preparing is what I am doing to get through this crisis; it keeps me busy, it keeps me focused and, most importantly, it keeps me hopeful.

Our industry is facing a crisis seen once in a lifetime. Please know that in the tough days ahead, you are in our minds and our hearts. We will get through this as a community united by passion, that deeply believes we are all beautiful inside and out. We are in this together—you are not alone.

With my most sincere best wishes,

Anne Maza



A quick message from my heart... we WILL get through this. You are NOT ALONE @oliviagardenint

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