2020 NAHA Nominees: Avant Garde, Editorial Hairstylist of the Year, Haircolor

Congratulations to the finalists in the 2020 North American Hairstyling Awards categories for Avant Garde, Editorial Hairstylist of the Year and Haircolor. The Avant Garde category displays outre looks and unbelievable styles that ignite the imagination. Editorial Hairstylist of the Year nominees' works have been published in leading publications and display high creativity and excellence. Haircolor noms have transformed their models through the beauty of creative and inventive hair color placement. For more, please visit probeauty.org/naha or click here

For the second year, NAHA will take place during the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) show on January 25, 2020. The Live NAHA event kicks off with a red carpet reception from 6-8 P.M., followed by the awards ceremony from 8-10:30 P.M. at the Long Beach Convention Center Terrace Theater in Los Angeles County. Tickets are on sale at probeauty.org/naha, and the awards ceremony will also stream online at www.nahalive.com


697 Rodrigo Araneda Final Image 1Rodrigo Araneda, @rodrigohairdresser, Photographer: Leda St-Jacques

376 Damien Carney Final Image 2Damien Carney, @damiencarneypro, Photographer: Damien Carney

442 Dilek Onur Taylor Final Image 2Dilek Onur Taylor, @dilekonurtaylor, Photographer: Roberto Ligresti

304 Francesca Rivetti Final Image 1Francesca Rivetti, @francescarivetti_hairart, Photographer: Jason Chen

425 Jamie Wiley Final Image 1Jamie Wiley, @jamiewileyhair, Photographer: Cody Rasmussen


507 Lucie Doughty Image 1Lucie Doughty, @luciedoughty, Photographer: Albert Sanchez

279 Ruth Roche Image 2Ruth Roche, @ruthroche, Photographer: Mike Ruiz

851 Ashley Stewart Image 1Ashley Stewart, @ashleystewwright_hair, Photographer: Joseph Cartright

92 Lisa Von Kurvink Image 3Lisa Von Kurvink, @lisavonkut, Photographer: Keith Bryce

143 Jamie Wiley Image 1Jamie Wiley, @jamiewileyhair, Photographer: Patrick Sporleader



Rodrigo AranedaRodrigo Araneda, @rodrigohairdresser, Photographer: Leda St-Jacques

Chrystofer BensonChyrstofer Benson, @cbensonhair, Photographer: John Rawson

Genia ChurchGenia Church, @GeniaChurch, Photographer: Damien Carney

Rossa JurenasRossa Jurenas, @RossaJurenas, Photographer: Paula Tizzard

Sharie ValcinSharie Valcin, @hairbysharie84, Photographer: Emily Gualdoni

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