Sport Clips Celebrates Americana and the Brand's 25th Anniversary

The new cutting and styling collection from Sport Clips celebrates not only classic Americana, but also the brand’s 25th anniversary. “This collection was created by our most tenured artists on the artistic team who will be representing our brand in 2019,” explains Julie Vargas, director of career opportunities and mentor for the shoot. Each of the looks incorporates different cutting and styling techniques that will be taught in 2019.

Sport Clips Americana

Sport Clips artistic team member Erin Smith created a disconnected, textured cut. “I used clipper-over-comb and palm-to-palm to achieve the shorter sides and back,” she explains, adding that she tapered the neckline. “On the top, I used weaving and penciling techniques with the razor as well as some bush- whacking with the carving comb. These techniques gave the top a lot of texture.”

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Sport Clips Anniversary

Frankie Delgado opted to create a mohawk fade. “I started by combing the hair out with a pick, then I faded down from a #2 guard to a zero guard,” explains the Sport Clips artistic team member. “I used my Wahl Magic Clip adjustable blade to blend out the lines in between. Then I customized the cut with an edge up in the front and finished my model’s hair with MITCH Barber’s Classic.”


[Images: Photography: Fumijiko Eguchi; Hair: Erin Smith, Frankie Delgado; Wardrobe: Ashley Hargrove]

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