Tracey Devine Plays it Cool for Affinage

In the chillingly beautiful compilation by Tracey Devine for Affinage, Ice Dream, the artist showcases the brand’s new metallic shades with stormy-hued heroines that take center stage. “My concept was a winter fairytale with an icy feel,” reveals Devine. “I wanted to conjure visions of cold winters in New York—those days where you can see your breath in the air and feel the frost on your fingers.” Colors are soft and iridescent, with gleaming luster that mirrors the reflection of a winter sun on the icy ground. The effect? Contemporary snow queens who would make Elsa freeze over with envy.

Tracey Devine Affinage

Let it Shine

“I dried this model’s hair using a round brush to lend more volume around the mid-sections before smoothing out errant flyaways with a styling iron,” says Tracey Devine. “The sleek hair surface accentuates the diamond-like shine of this haircolor.” 

Affinage Tracey Devine Ice

Double Take

“I used one model for both of these looks to highlight the diversity of this cut,” explains Devine. “In one shot, the model’s hair incorporates soft, sexy texture with lift at the crown to enhance volume; the second shot emphasizes the heavy layering around the perimeter with a stronger outer edge. The color technique is called shimmer lights!” 

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