Lower Lash Artistry Provides a Fresh Vision of Beauty

Lash Artistry

Forget basic black mascara, extensions or strips: Mesmerizing color, glitter and painterly artistry are placing lashes front and center. 

Get excited: On the Fall/ Winter 2017 runways, lashes received the type of attention typically paid to eyelids, with everything from painted-on lower fringe to glitter-tipped lashes to color mascara in all shades of the rainbow spreading pigment love over every last millimeter of lash.

But what truly cast a spell for the lash- watching set this season: Lower lashes, like the spiky individuals seen at Jeremy Scott and the flipped strips at Chanel, became the focal point of many eye designs. “I love the balance of a full lower lash,” says Ashlee Glazer, Smith & Cult beauty ambassador. Though clients might typically shy away from requesting extensions on their lower lashes, you’ll want to rene your technique for this service—just in case trend-hunting customers have kept an eye on what’s fresh for fall. If committing to lower lash extensions isn’t in the cards for clients, Mae Manalo, Ardell educator, says to stock up on individual lashes. “I love using Ardell Flare Mini individual lashes for the bottom. For a more dramatic look with more length, I cut up Ardell Demi Wispies to customize the length and fullness,” she shares. Glazer points to “under-lashes”—essentially strip lashes boasting shorter lash length with an undetectable clear band made to fit the curve of the lower lash line—as another falsie fringe to try down below.

Lower Lash Artistry

There’s yet another avenue for clients who opt out of extensions or aren’t willing to wear lower lash falsies: Morphe creative director Linda Tawil suggests reaching for mascara with a small wand head; “this allows you to achieve a precise and separated application” for the spiked look favored on the catwalks. To draw in bottom lashes like those spotted at the Tadashi Shoji runway show, Tawil points to a ne synthetic eyeliner brush and waterproof gel liner as the duo that ensures even, smear- proof strokes. “Start at the base of the water line and work your way down to the client’s desired length,” she says. 

While royal blue is a perennial hit for color mascara, runway makeup artists tapped an outré array of ROYGBIV shades, like the quirky pastels and neons seen at the Emilio Pucci show. “I recommend starting with universally-attering colors (think: purple for brown eyes, midnight or navy blue mascara for lighter eyes, and emerald green for hazel and green eyes) before venturing off into crazier colors,” Tawil shares. This goes for extensions as well!

And though you may not think these funkier lash looks have a place on your lash and makeup service menus, think again: “Of course, adding lashes to wedding packages is a must, but you can also suggest these fun looks as the finishing touch to any makeup application,” says Manalo— especially as an add-on for special events or nights on the town. “With so many lash trends and styles to choose from, there’s one even the less adventurous client will look amazing in and still feel comfortable,” she says. 

Spectrum Vision

The most unusual array of hues coated lashes backstage at the Emilio Pucci show—admittedly some more successful than others, but all completely mesmerizing in their ability to draw attention to eye fringe. Though you won’t be directing your clients to load on color mascara, might we suggest some lash extensions to mimic the look? 


Runway Eyelashes

[Images: top image - Getty Images, clockwise from top - right courtesy of Maybelline, Andreea Angelescu, Victor Virgile] 



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