F.lashes LED Lashes Could Be the Future of Lashes

Led Eyelashes

Wearable technology has gained plenty of traction for fitness, but for makeup it hasn’t quite found its footing—until now. F.lashes LED Lashes by Tavey Designs are a club kid’s dream: The thin strips blink light patterns along your lashline according to your body and head movements thanks to an easy-to-hide controller that has a responsive motion sensor. Like any good cosmetic offering, f.lashes come in a range of colors— white, red, pink, yellow, green, blue and light blue—but it’s the variety of blinking effects that are truly eye- opening. “Liquid Pour” scrolls light in the direction of your head tilt; “Twilight Sparkle” generates a random sparkling pattern; “Endless Winks” alternates the lights on each eye, getting faster with a head tilt; “Knight Riding” emulates a side-to-side scrolling; and “Hyper Burst” lights up both eyes with a jump motion.

Applied with regular strip lash adhesive, f.lashes stay cool to the touch and withstand perspiration no matter how hard you dance—which many cosmetics can’t claim. And, they’re operated by a 3V coin lithium battery, allowing for four hours of continuous “flash.” Lest you worry that the blinking lights may bring on a migraine, the creators swear that vision is unaffected for the casual wearer— but onlookers will certainly be mesmerized. (F.lashes’ makers do warn that people with photosensitivity or who are prone to epileptic seizures should consult with a doctor before purchasing them.) Is this the future of lashes? We “blink” so!  

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