Hair Styles Fashion: Androge Collection

Boy meets girl. Gender bending. Sexual ambiguity. All were inspiration for the talented team of hairstylists on the Cosmetologists Chicago Photo Trend Team as they created the Androge collection for 2013.


Androge, hair-speak for masculine haircuts that can be worn by a female, or feminine haircuts that can be worn by a male. These androgynous looks are a marriage of the latest fashion with the most current trends in cutting, hair coloring and styling.

As co-director of the Team, Karen Gordon, J. Gordon Designs, Chicago, notes, “There is something very organic that happens at a photo shoot. My co-director Amy Abramite of Chicago’s Maxine Salon and I spent two months in planning. Then on the day of the shoot, when all the creative forces came together, magic happened! We are all very proud of the work that represents the collective talent of Chicago.”

Photographer: Akin Girav
Makeup: Chrisondra Boyd/Ford;
Clothing Stylist: Sam Ng
Photo Trend Stylist Team: Karen Gordon, J. Gordon Designs; Amy Abramite, Maxine Salon; Joseph Cartagena, Genacelli; Sarah Koseck, Mario Tricoci Salons & Spas; Sylvia Kawa, J. Gordon Designs; Twylla Jane, Frank Gironda Salons & Spas; and Cliff Freeman, Maxine Salon; John Blue, Maxine Salon

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