Au Naturale Cosmetics Lobbys For #CleanBeautyRevolution

Cleanbeautyrevolution1Au Naturale Cosmetics is celebrating Earth Month this year by heading to Washington D.C. to lobby for the #CleanBeautyRevolution, an ongoing movement started by the brand that calls for stricter legislation to monitor the cosmetics industry and advocates for transparent labeling of beauty products in the U.S. The initiative calls for lawmakers to establish a Clean Beauty Standard that will require clear, accountable labeling on all cosmetics products and support the elimination of toxic ingredients.

Ashley Prange, Au Naturale Cosmetics founder, believes that no one should have to sacrifice health and values for beauty. "The #CleanBeautyRevolution is essentially why I started the company," she says. "I spearheaded the lobby out of a passion for healthy cosmetics. Having clear and concise labeling should be the law of the land, as it is with food."

Au Naturale Cosmetics is inviting you to join the #CleanBeautyRevolution and support the #CleanBeautyLobby petition by spreading the word via social media using the aforementioned hashtags to quantify support for the movement.

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