LA Lash Offers Better-Than-Natural Beauty with Luxurious Lash Extensions


When it comes to eyelashes, bigger is better, but not everyone is naturally blessed with lush, full lashes. For the less-endowed, lash extensions are quickly becoming on of the most in-demand beauty services today. Beauty Launchpad recently had the pleasure of visiting LA Lash, a part of Salon Republic's newest location in Santa Monica, CA, to test out the lash extension craze.

Set just blocks from the Pacific Ocean, and steps from the world-famous Third Street Promenade, Salon Republic Santa Monica is a chic, modern-looking building with a subtle industrial vibe inside. The location boasts an array of beauty specialists offering services from hair, to nails, to skincare, and, of course, lashes.

Tucked away near the back of the building is the LA Lash private studio - a tranquil, soothing space decorated in teal and aqua hues, with lush bouquets of flowers and aromatic candles dotting the small accent tables near the edges of the room. A gorgeous, white standing screen separates the studio into two areas, adding an extra element of privacy. The whole space is designed for relaxation, offering a perfect location for a beauty getaway.

  LA Lash uses products from Sinful Lashes and JB Cosmetics, with two options for lash extensions: Siberian lashes made cruelty-free from 100% real Siberian mink fur, which are light, airy, and natural-looking; or silk lashes made from a high-quality synthetic fiber that results in a darker, fuller look. Their glue is surgical grade, formaldehyde-free, and does not have any traces of latex in order to provide a painless experience for guests. During the 60-90 minute appointment, each lash is individually placed by one of LA Lash's certified lash technicians for the most natural-looking, eye-enhancing lashes possible.

So, how did our lash extensions turn out? In a word, amazing! The final look is soft and natural, with still noticeably longer, fuller lashes. With little (or no!) makeup needed to enhance them, the lashes are perfect for everyday wear, yet can still be dolled up for a more dramatic look. Safe to say, we're obsessed!

For more information about LA Lash, please visit, and follow them on Instagram @lalashgirls.

[Images courtesy of Salon Republic]

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