Joico Celebrates Its Roots with Joi of Healthy Hair Campaign


Joico, an industry hair care leader, recently announced its latest campaign, "The Joi of Healthy Hair," celebrating the company's roots and the idea that "healthy hair is happy hair." As part of the campaign, and a way to spread the Joi of Healthy Hair, Joico is launching a new look and feel along with groundbreaking products and treatments, all focused on restoring hair to its happiest state - healthy, glossy and strong.
"There’s nothing in the world like the beauty of healthy hair," says Sara Jones, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Joico. "Its vitality lights up a room and lifts the spirit. At Joico, we have a name for this remarkable energy, we call it 'joi.' The Joi of Healthy Hair movement is dedicated to spreading the joy that both professionals and consumers experience when their hair is happy, healthy, radiant and beautiful."
As part of the Joi of Healthy Hair campaign, Joico commissioned a large survey focused on today’s women and their haircare habits. The independent study, conducted by Lab42, surveyed 1,000 women from ages 18-49 across the U.S., revealed the following insight into the important role hair plays in our lives. According to the survey:

  • Women feel happier (70%) and more joyful (66%) when they’re having a good hair day.
  • A good hair day makes women happier (21%) than buying a new outfit (18%) or having a good work out (16%).
  • Nearly half of all millennial women surveyed (ages 18-34) said they feel less stressed and more focused when they’re having a good hair day.
  • Great hair, according to women, is key to feeling confident (41%), happy (36%), beautiful (35%) and sexy (28%).
  • The #1 most searched hair topic online is “How to Get Healthier Hair” (64%).
  • When asked when is the best time to take a selfie, the #1 answer among women surveyed was when they’re having a good hair day.

"Happiness truly is healthy, beautiful, bouncy, shiny hair," says Paul Norton, Joico Celebrity Hairstylist and Spokesperson, who styles some of today's hottest stars including Gina Rodriguez, Robin Wright, Victoria Justice and more. "I’m inspired by Joico’s new messaging and platform because it’s all about providing the highest quality, top performance and innovative hair care products for brilliant results that can’t help but make you smile."
The Joi of Healthy Hair campaign kicks off July 2015 with exciting news and updates on The Joico website will feature the brand’s new logo and tagline, along with inspirational imagery and videos. Joico’s advertising and promotional push will include a significant digital campaign @Joico tagging #hairjoi, including product giveaways to "spread the joi" and bountiful "bundles of joi" for brand fans and followers. Joico’s print and online advertisements for new products will reflect the new Joi of Healthy Hair uplifted positioning and visuals.
For more information about Joico, The Joi of Healthy Hair campaign and new product information, please visit
[Images courtesy of Joico]

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