10 Reasons Not To Piss Off Your Hairstylist


Your hairstylist is working hard to make sure you look your best and feel good. It goes without saying that you should be nice to her. After all, the fate of your hair is in your stylist's hands. In honor of Hairstylist Appreciation Day, here are 10 important reasons not to piss off your hairstylist.
1. Green doesn't look good on you.


2. Those scissors are sharp.



3. An inch is subjective.


4. A mullet isn't your best look.


5. You'd rather not pay extra for a therapist.



6. You have a big date tonight and want to look your best.



7. She knows all of your embarrassing secrets.



8. Your hair grows back slowly, very slowly.



9. You said you didn't want bangs.



10. You made a 9am appointment, and you want to be the 9am appointment.



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