Hot Products: Christian Louboutin's New Polish Line


LouboutinFor ladies who can't get enough of the renowned designer's signature red sole, good news: Christian Louboutin recently announced a brand new nail polish, in that familiar crimson shade, of course!

The red lacquer, called Rouge Louboutin, is the first in a series of sure to be iconic polishes from the designer. The unique, one-of-a-kind bottle design, made to mimic the shape of a classic stiletto heel, makes the lacquer appear as though it's encapsulated in crystal, and shrouded by a smoky, ombre effect.

Louboutin2Following the signature Rouge Louboutin shade will be thirty additional colors all inspired by the shoe line. Initially there will be three 10-piece collections, each with their own bottle designation: The Pops (silver cap), The Noirs (gunmetal cap), and The Nudes (rose gold cap).

Christian Louboutin polishes will be available August 31st.

[Images: Christian Louboutin]

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