Davines World Wide Hair Tour

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Event scheduleEvent scheduleThe Davines World Wide Hair Tour will take place November 22-23, 2020.

The event offers the opportunity to meet other creative hairstylists as well as share trends, ideas and projects within the framework of a forum dedicated to beauty and sustainability.

This year, the tour is available to all stylists, not just those in the Davines network. 

Presenters Include:

Tom Connell Davines hair art director

Anna Pacitto Co-owner and co-artistic director of Montreal's prestigious Salon Pure, Pure Academy and the Pure group, global platform artist, Canadian artistic director for an international brand

Sal Misseri Founder of Kaizen Education and owner of Reverie salon in Chicago

Allilon Founded by Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, a privately owned company that communicates globally spreading knowledge within the industry

Brian & Kirsten Brian Suhr is an international master trainer manager and was previously the Davines international master trainer manager, and Kirsten Demant is an international master trainer and part of the Davines artistic team

James Abu Ulba Artistic director for the Utopia Group in Vancouver and founder of Method-Education

Michael Polsinellii Served as global art director

Mirela Zenelaj Hairstylist and colorist; winner of 2019’s World Style Contest 2019 as Best Emerging Talent 

Register for the event HERE.

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