R+Co to Launch Four Innovative Products this Fall


When it comes to styling and cutting hair, practice makes perfect. Same goes the theory for R+Co when finding the right prescription for its newest haircare products—from the formulas to the ingredients to the packaging. “We take a look back at past formulas and really understand how we can fix them and make them better to provide innovation for now,” explains R+Co executive director of innovation Lorne Lucree of the four new products the brand will roll out this fall. “Just like fashion reinterprets the classics, we do the same [with our products].”

Case in point: The brand sunsetted (aka got rid of) a product in their lineup that wasn’t working for co-founder Thom Priano and his short-haired clients. The solution: They listened to his concerns and reinvented the product to form Control Flexible Paste, a versatile, hybrid styler that melds the pliability of a typical paste with the natural shine of a wax and the strong hold of a clay. “I am very happy with this!” says Priano. “It has control but it also has flexibility and that is very important.”

For Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder, the brand opted to modernize the formula by packing it with ingredients such as Diatomaceous Earth, which cleanses hair and adds lift, volume and body; Burdock Root Extract, which nourishes the scalp and root; and Jojoba Seed Oil, which works to balance sebum production. “It gives hair that lush, luxe feeling,” says R+Co co-founder Garren. “It takes away the oil … but you can also get volume and sexiness.” Bonus: The powder comes in a nifty pump sprayer. “You can get precise dosage as well as application,” shares Lucree.  “Your bathroom won’t turn into a snowstorm and your friends won’t be wiping powder off your shoulder!”

Forget those spray pump gels that leave tresses clumpy and the containers clogged or gel aerosols that work like wet hairsprays and leave locks crunchy and dry. With Freeway Defining Spray Gel, R+Co for the first time has infused a styling polymer previously found only in tube gels into a gel aerosol, allowing for easy application without any of the downsides. “It’s so damn smart!” exclaims Lucree. While the gel can be used on all hair types to add lift and definition, curly clients can rejoice with the new spray gel which works to boost and hold their texture. “So many curly girls don’t know what to use on their hair,” says Garren. “[For example, products] that control the curl would be too crispy. With Freeway they can put it in their hair and not be afraid of it—they can run their fingers through it!”

Last but definitely not least, R+Co will be adding to its roster Crown Scalp Scrub, a gentle, Keratin and color-safe exfoliator that sweeps away flakes, cleanses, and keeps build-up and irritation at bay, all of which work to create a healthier environment for hair to grow. “It's really about what can we give back to the scalp because if we don’t look after the scalp we won’t have any hair,” says R+Co co-founder Howard McLaren.

[Image by Molly Church]

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