Sugarlash PRO Announces New LashPRO Academy

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After making a name for themselves in the lash industry, Sugarlash PRO is delving into beauty education with their newly developed online and in-person LashPRO Academy. The new program aims to empower lash artists to become their own bosses and to provide them with the knowledge they need to become savvy business owners. Prospective students can choose between five different courses, LashPRO Accelerator, Classic Lashing, Volume Lashing, Advanced Styling, and Lash Lift, to better improve their lash skills. Each of the courses is taught online and certificates of completion are awarded in-person after personal approval from the Sugarlash educators. Certain courses, Classic and Volume Lashing, also offer in-person classes taught by the SugarLash educators as the travel across North America.

The standout course, ideal for go-getters, is LashPRO Accelerator. This business-minded program is 35 weeks long and features videos that cover everything from branding and marketing to social media management with great tips from Sugarlash PRO Founder, Courtney Buhler. The videos for LashPRO Accelerator, shot in an edgy studio in Downtown L.A., also include how-tos for improving lashing techniques. For more information about LashPRO Academy, or to sign up for their next course, visit Lash Academy.

 --Dana Loth

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[All photos courtesy of Sugarlash PRO]

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