R+Co Rolls Out Three New Styling Products

2017 01 18 11 22 50NYC beauty editors got a first-look at R+Co’s newest lineup of styling products over breakfast earlier this week at the posh Barney’s department store. The founders’ goal with the new products was to fill a void in the brand’s current catalog and to steer clear of any product repetitions. “Every product has to deliver and our intention is to keep a really concise lineup,” explains R+CO President Reuben Carranza. “These products are born from the insights of our Collective [Garren, Thom Priano and Howard McLaren] and relate to not only trends but what they’re missing when they're working and dealing with hair on set.”

First on the roster: Wall St Strong Hold Gel, a versatile gel that not only speaks to men and their hair loss concerns with ingredients such as a biotin peptide, which works to strengthen hair fibers and encourage growth, and aubergine extract, a scalp anti-inflammatory, but also to women. “Wall St isn’t just a gentleman’s gel,” says R+Co co-founder Garren. “It’s also great for women who want to play with changing their hair.” Think: sleek, slick ponytails; dirty Samurai top knots; and sculpted updos.

Sail Soft Wave Spray takes a departure from typical salt sprays that leave beachy waves with a matte sheen and instead gives locks a subtle shine and texture. “It’s the marriage of our award-winning salt spray Rockaway and our lovely smoothing oil Tinsel,” explains Lorne Lucree, Director of Product Development for Luxury Brand Partners, who notes the formula is packed with magnesium sulfate, conditioning ingredients such as chamomile extract and aloe, and amla oil, all of which work to soften and nourish locks while giving them a lustrous shine. While thick and heavy salt sprays tend to lock tresses into one style, hair spritzed with Sail is uber-touchable. “You can run your hands through it during the middle of the day or add more to your hair if you want more [waves],” explains Garren, who notes the texture spray will give ladies soft Blake Lively or Giselle tresses. Bonus: The packaging includes a 360 degree aerosol spray which ensures an easy, even application. “It comes out so softly and there’s no glops!” says Garren.
The final product, Trophy Shine + Texture Spray, which also incorporates a 360 degree aerosol spray, offers a triangulation of benefits. “It’s like a dry shampoo, a working hairspray and a shine spray had a baby,” says Lucree, who adds that the spray includes ingredients like Fuller’s Earth, a natural occurring clay that rids hair of excess oil and impurities, and sweet almond oil, which infuses hair with a natural luster. “It has so much shine and it nourishes hair so if it’s is halfway falling out you can give it a spritz and it will give it some life,” explains Garren. “You can keep using it and it doesn’t get heavy or weigh hair down.”

R+Co also ensures that each of its products are as natural as can be, with only five non-vegan-friendly skews that contain ingredients such as honey. “Tom is a vegan and we want to respect that and people also want to know what they’re putting in their hair so the transparency of the product is very important,” says McLaren. “Most brands won’t go there because it’s too difficult. But it’s part of our integrity and who we are as individuals so it’s important for us to deliver on that.”

With over 100 years of experience between them, the founders also work tirelessly with their team to test each product before any rollout, making sure it will work equally as well for each of them no matter their styling method. “If we don’t agree on something, it’s not going to happen,” shares McLaren, who notes the trio also looks to the streets, fashion, consumers and the hairdresser when conceptualizing products. “Beauty is a sanctuary. It’s a luxury these days and we have to give people that opportunity through experiences from the visual to the fragrance to the functionality of the products.  We have to give people the escape from all that’s going on in the world. It’s our job to give them that journey.” 

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[Images: Molly Church]

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