Farouk Systems Supports JetBlue’s “Blue Beauty Tour”

Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty CommunicationsFarouk Systems Inc. proudly participated in JetBlue’s “Blue Beauty Tour” that serviced the airline's over 16,000 crew members with beauty and grooming services. Both CHI Haircare and CHI Styling Tools, as well as the company’s full Esquire Grooming Men’s line, were used to create new looks for pilots and flight crews at New York, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, San Juan and Long Beach airports through October and November.

Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty CommunicationsImage courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications

This 6-city tour was created by the MLR Management professional hair and makeup team led by Boston-based crewmember, Lou Cueva. Styling pop-up stations were created in each city offering hairstyling, men’s grooming, makeup, manicures and wardrobe styling.

Per Lou Cueva, “My team and I provided tips and tricks on all things blue-tiful! from hairstyling to men’s grooming. We are grateful to all our sponsors for their support and wonderful products, the crew members were thrilled to see such a high level of great hair care.”

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