Leen and Bertus of Scumbag Barbers Demonstrate Old School Barbering Cuts

Scumbag Barbers

Sweis Inc. Professional Salon & Spa Products Distributor hosted an event at the Federal Bar in Long Beach with Leen and Bertus, dubbed the scumbag gentleman barbers of Rotterdam. The two opened an old school barber shop in February 2011 and, a year later, created Reuzel: a product line of pomades, beard products, shampoos, conditioners and tonics. Now, with over a million fans and a seven hour wait time in their shop, Leen and Bertus graced the West Coast with the first stop on their 17-day tour to show salon professionals how to recreate their dearly loved pompadours and flattops.

In a packed room of 275 stylists, Leen and Bertus entertained the crowd with stories while they cut and styled four models with Pompadours, including a Flattop Pompadour and a Junior Pompadour on the youngest model, using their signature Reuzel styling pomades. Leen revealed that he and Bertus created Reuzel out of pure necessity.  They ran into problems when recommending products that would suddenly be backordered for 6 months. The product needed to perform and be available—be a sure thing—for their loyal customers.

“According to Statistic Brain, there are 440,000 barbers in the United States in 2016. With this growing revival of the old school barbering sensation, the Reuzel line is well-positioned to meet the specific needs of stylists who want high-performance products for their barbering clientele,” explains Karl Sweis, President of Sweis Inc. Professional Beauty Distributor.  “The Sweis team was excited to invite our Southern California salons to this exclusive event, which quickly sold out.

Although the two barbers have opposite, complementary personalities, they have known each other for twenty-two years and find a shared love in their craft and dry senses of humor.  Leen recommends to stylists that they laugh everyday about what they are doing: “If they enjoy themselves the money will come.”   


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