The Advice Sam Villa Gives to Students on Global Beauty Masters

Sv Gbm

Master Stylist Sam Villa, Student Judge in the Global Beauty Masters (Season 2), takes mentoring students very seriously.  Education is at his heart and soul, and mentoring stylists is his passion. In Episode #3, "More Than Skin Deep," airing on Thursday 3/31 @ 6pm/5c on Discovery Life; Monday 4/1 @11am/10c on TLC and Tuesday 4/1 @ 11am/10c on Discovery Life, Villa shares his wisdom.
“The students themselves have to realize that as hairdressers, they are going to hit so many obstacles, but as they hit them, they have to figure out a way to get through them, get around them or over them…and that’s where good education and guidance comes into play,” says Villa.
Villa advises students to go to every educational event/class they can and to take advantage of online education. Everyone deserves education, whether they are at home, in the break room or at school. Providing online education has given stylists a chance to learn above and beyond.

Live and online education is now in sync. Villa teaches techniques out on the road and then fine-tunes them digitally for online education.  More and more stylists are attending his live classes because of YouTube videos - they see Villa demonstrate techniques online and want to see him in person. 
“Life is a game, you either choose to play or not.  I admire these students because they are not spectators, they’re players. I remember when I was a student and I entered competitions, win or loose, if you walk away with a learning experience, it’s HUGE,” he adds.

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