Go Gold: Support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Gold-Themed Looks

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time to shed a spotlight on the 15,780 children in the U.S. under the age of 21 who are diagnosed with cancer each year, according to the American Childhood Cancer Organization (acco.org). As a beauty professional, you can help spread awareness and show your support by "going gold," along with makeup artist and face painter Jo Khalaf.

Khalaf, who's own son has been diagnosed with leukemia, is hosting the Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, which encourages beauty professionals from nail artists, to makeup artists, to hairstylists (and anyone else!), to create gold-themed looks throughout the month of September. Says Khalaf, "I'm a [makeup artist] and face painter too; I haven't worked much this last year as my son has leukaemia. Because of this, I know it means a lot to children to see the support."  

Credit: Bobbi Bicker

Credit: Natscha Zenig Bodyart

Credit: Felix Stein (Idea/Makeup), Hai Shooshan (Hair), Mina Bogodelny (Styling), Daniela Chechik (Model), Leon Sokoletski (Photography/Retouching)

You can participate by creating any gold look - makeup, face or body painting, nail art, hair art or any form of artwork, or even a gold-themed selfie - and post an image of your work with #gogold and #childhoodcancerawareness.

Confirmed participating artists include: Maria Malone, Brierley Thorpe, Nikki Shelley, Roshar, Lan Grealis, Craig Tracy, Karla Powell, Mehron, The Face Painting Shop, Luvekat, Bobbibelier, Lola Bergaya, Angela Youngs, Mona Turnbull, Jennie Roberts, Cameleon Eugenie, Chloe Sens, Nicole Chilleli, Tal Peleg, Kelly Jurado, Lucia Pittalis, Makeup Artist Magazine, Dupe Mag, PAM, Nigel's Beauty Emporium, Lit Cosmetics, Mehron, Stargazer, Face Lace,  Makeup First Makeup School, Brushstrokes Makeup School, The Blanche McDonald Centre, and The World Body Painting Festival, as well as many others. In addition, several body paint leagues are joining from various countries.  

Credit: Brian Sipe Makeup/Sabrina Wilson

Credit: Claire Bryant

Credit: Wing Sum Diana Chan - Sumbody Art

Show your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - go gold!

Find out more about Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness, here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1403190113344140/

[All images courtesy of Jo Khalaf via Facebook]

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